Michael Curry – Krueger-Gilbert Health Pysics

Interview with Michael Curry of Krueger-Gilbert Health Physics and Seneca Creek Partners


Basic info:

  • Fund: Seneca Creek Partners
  • Search type: Classic search fund
  • Partnered/solo: Partnered
  • Stage: Operating
  • Location: Baltimore, MD
  • Alma mater(s): Chicago Booth (MBA), Emory (BA)


Michael Curry and his business partner are three years into operation of Krueger-Gilbert Health Physics, Inc, a provider of radiology equipment testing services to medical centers in the Mid-Atlantic region. He’s a Chicago Booth grad who entered business school with a background in banking and entrepreneurship and spent 9 months searching under the name Seneca Creek Partners.

Highlights of Michael’s interview include:

  • Using business school to support one’s search fund ambitions
  • Why fast growing companies are a good fit for some searchers and not for others
  • How to measure the performance of an ongoing search process
  • How to get the info you need from an owner without scaring him off during initial discussions
  • Why the healthcare industry can be a great fit for a search fund
  • Why it can be hard to grow a geography-specific business
  • Why it’s important for a searcher to “manage himself out of a job”

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